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Live music

The harmony is born in the Universe. There are a lot of inharmonic things around us nowadays. We are wondering only at macro figures, overactivity and multifunctional skilled persons. It must be a lot of things. Our air is a home area of wild and noisy sounds. Living space of Humanity are just high-strung convulsions in the dissonant space.

We felt out of a habit of silence and doing more with less. That is why the harmonic contemplativeness of ethnic music hits the endless busy Modern Human like a ton of bricks.

The duet “Zhivye Vorota” is like a mantrap for our bone-weary souls during their lifeworld. It is wondering how locanical and clear phonation of their talented duet is. Melody harmony stops our chaotic world and allows breathing again and giving ear to you, to the human environment full of other sounds and colors differenced from our electrolyzing routine.

lg1 Marian Caldararu is an experienced musician, professional, percussionist, a master of making authentic musical instruments and a participant of many international projects visited a lot of countries. His drums set the Earth tone in Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Switzerland and New Zeeland.
Luisa Imangulova is at the beginning of their career. But she is also an award winner of Russian and international competitions.

Music and state of searching mind and searching of new sounds of authentic melodies united these artists.

On the one hand they hold true as well for their national tradition, on the other hand they are a confirmation of common grounds of root cultivation. The Tower of Babel separated folks and a nations and erected confines in us and in the cultures of congenial nations is breaking through the ariose phonation of delicate balanced songs.

It is interesting that all versions are made by the principle of music eclectic. In this wondering and crazy songs mixture you can find art-fusion, ethno, and folk. Songs are performance in Russian and Tatar languages.

lg2 The main form of their performances is an improvisation. “Zelenisya” is a universal song thanks to combination of Russian melodiousness and of East’s rhythms. Such themes like road, anticipation, father and daughter love, hopefulness are common with all world nations. Liquid melodies, unworldly voice, mesmerizing rhythm create an atmosphere of soul primevalness.

The thousands and one small worries of life are going away, “sun is rising…daughter see off her father”.

They look like an east fairy and mysterious Lăutar. Wonder of their songs is creating just before the lights based only on their talent, music fable, professionalism and their contemplative station presented from the Universe. The song “Kolybelnaya” is a Universes vision of progenitress, where the women voice is an epitome of tenderness and peace and where safety and kindness are going through the rhythm of men voice. The voice shows our lines of fortune on the star sky, drums read off Universes heartbeats. All of us come and leave this Earth lullaby and this is no tragedy. All of this is endless and naturally like a mother’s voice and father’s heartbeat.

Their list of production counts to 14 songs, where they masterful put together the melody of one nation with rhythm base of other nation. All this project is as light as air because of Luisa’s dramatic character – her flowing hulls like her voice. Gusli, kalimba, kugikly in her arms are like a magic musical instruments inspired by her. Universes rhythm is in the arms of Master. Rikk, candjira, daff, cajon are the Master’s continuation. He lives when he plays and creates s sound. Music is born in the Universe. There are a lot of inharmonic things around us nowadays. Harmony of duet minimalism “Zhivye Vorota” awakes our feelings and flight of imagination. We begin to feel mint smack, see a great star sky, hear a noise of leaves at the crack of dawn and our soul cries and becomes lighter like after drinking Water of Life and at this moment the door of the world Music is opening. lg3

Author of the publication:


Evelina Killing-Biryukova

creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre