Izha: Maria and Marian

When God smiles

The musical project “Izha” fires the imagination with its beauty. Maria and Marian are different from collection of people. It’s like a sagebrush puff and it seems us that thousands and one small worries of life are just a dream. Finally we are returning to our origins.

Jingling with her necklace Maria Korepanova appears at the scene like a noble redhead queen. Her quality of voice is spellbinding. People describe her manner of execution as mind-blowing folk music and as Finno-Ugric guttural singing (she practices the unique vocal technique close to overtone singing). Marian (Mario) Caldararu is like visualised hero of Moldavian churches fresco painting. One famous German musician Klaus Burger called him an Empyreal drummer who can hear the Universe rhythm. When they are creating a masterful percussionist very airy and harmonically choruses and brings on the wings of the rhythm ancient strains of Udmurt and Besermyans.


The can hear each other on the subconscious level through the flesh and blood voice. The everyday-joe’s blood is very different from musician’s, artist’s and harmonist’s life-blood. Because these people can hear the voice of generations, voice of their nations and the Earth voice. They hear the united and global music of Humanity before the building of Babylon Tower separated our entire world. When the duet “Izha” does magic on the scene “the entire world is skipping a beat and the God himself is smiling on the Heavens” (Colleen McCullough “The Thorn Birds”). The famous musician, guru of Russian ethno and folk music Sergey Starostin called Maria Korepanova as “a wonder and person of natural gifts extricated herself from the gripe of captivity of ethno music performances”. Being educated she understood her mission being in 2011 at the expedition in Besermyan’s village Yunda. Acoording to her story only then she founded her voice.

Marian (Mario) Caldararu is a professional artist and works more than 15 years in this sphere. He visited a half of world: was in France, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Estonia and worked together with such wonderful musicians like Sergey Starostin (Russia), Arkady

Shilkloper (Russia), Oleg Drobinsky (Russia), Klaus Burger (Germany), Paskal von Wroblewski (Germany), Anatol Stefanet (Moldovien), Fredrik Jelle (Sweden), Karima Night (Algerian) and other.

It is not surprising that two these masterful musicians chanced to unite different ethnic styles of world music culture in the project named “Izha”. This project performance works and creates in different form: duet and trio (together with a musician and a master of musical instrument making Dmitry Dyomin).


The duet had performances at the different places: in Izhevsk, Estonia, Perm and Salekhard. This is the variety of genre palette, ice and fire of two different nationalities at first sight. Roughness and sweetness of Moldovan wine is mixed with the smell of sagebrush and dry wind of Udmurt vastness. This unique project shows that any traditional material can easily interact within ethnic musical traditions, without losing its expressiveness. “Kresi” easily subject to different arrangements and at the same time they remain the most ancient ritual melodies showing the wealth inner world of the Udmurt women.

The heartbeat of the universe is a task of Mario percussion who’s every musical instruments is a true work of art made by the musician within the framework of ancient traditions. “There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life. One superlative song, existence the price. But the whole world stills to listen, and God in His heaven smiles” (Colleen McCullough “The Thorn Birds”).

Author of the publication:


Evelina Killing-Biryukova

creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre