In the eyes of ethnic musicians meet the artist events are always mean to be in their lives. That is why it is no coincidence that during an educational program “The Earth of the Humanity” met two these artists, because in our mysterious world named ethnic music is always a Teacher becoming a Master in the center of any knowledge or energy exchange. In their humanitarian schools nobody mentors or moralizes. They share the Knowledge, which is more often absolute not because of the exceptionality, but because of the role defined by the Universe. Not so long ago the performance groups communicated, learned and exchanged with the energy with Sergey Starostin – one of the significant musician in the world of ethnic music, performing musician and researcher of Russian folk art and an author of many international projects, he was also nominated for a WorldMusicAward 2003. And now his projects partner Marian (Mario) Caldararu is going to Salekhard. They are going to Salekhard absolutely curtained that educational idea of hegumen and guardian of Obdorsk I.S. Shemanskiy about a necessity of saving and augmentation of Nord folk’s ethnic treasure-house should live.

Sergey Starostin and Marian Caldararu took for granted to find time in their foreign and Russian guest performance packed schedule and participate in the workshops in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. At the first time Marian comes flying to Salekhard from Austria, he and Sergey flied in different directions at the airport. And just after Salekhard their famous duet named “Prosche prostogo”/”Simple as that” flies to the guest performance to 15 cities of Germany and Holland. But in the break-time one of them has performance in Berlin, and another prepares CD-Presentation “The Grass Harp” together with Maria Korepanova. During this trip Marian has very busy schedule. Now his goal not to surprise and amaze sophisticated north audience but to dive into details of articulation at the membranophones with two leading performance groups of Salekhard: “Seetey Yamal” and “Syra Sev”. Being a teacher he knows as well the secrets of percussion instruments as the substance of question why tumbrel sings or not, why its sound can be dry and inexpressive or live, dulcimer and archaically primeval. Being on the one hand a famous master of making musical instruments and being a masterful musician in his other shape on the other hand he thinks there it’s necessary to make a revision of material and technical resources of performance groups “Seetey Yamal” and “Syra Sev” because now the instrument’s conditions leave much to be desired. He mentioned in surprise that without knowing the specifics of their instruments the musicians played many years the unstrung tumbrel membrane.

Within his meaning all imperfection to the instrument produces sound imperfection. During his classrooms he will hone skills of beaters play at the German tumbrel “Penser”. Also he considers plastic arts of the tone quality, articulation and melodism, interplay with other instruments and articulates the concept of rhythm’s combination. He entrust with a secret of atonal and arrhythmic singing accompanied by percussion to the vocal group “Seetey Yamal”. This is just a little piece of that, what will be created at the master’s and his learners’ kitchen. The international project ”The Earth of the Humanity: creative workshops of cultural world worker” gets together the anamcharas with a credo “I know that I know nothing”, because for they this criteria differentiated the Creator from other people allows to hear keener, think more abstruse and see farther. Feeling of self-sufficiency and complacency is an impossible condition for them. Because then they stopped to hear the Universe music, see the stars, differentiate the voice of grass and they are just becoming a craftsman.

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Author of the publication:


Evelina Killing-Biryukova

creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre