“Impression, or the Unbearable Lightness of Being (Mario and Angelina)”

as1Their meeting was heaven born, somewhere around the star responsible for putting two talented people together. Angelina Frost, girl with the inside gaze. Only few people have seen Marianaas2 Trench of her inner world. Designer, photo artist, director and cinematographer, she met her principle character on the “Earth of Humanity. Art laboratories of world culture in Perm region” project and this “not-Russian” (as commission put it) musician together with American conductor and German jazz singer have almost cost her diploma with honours. It seems, Marian*Mario*Caldararu – musician, percussionist, and master – has melted ice within this frosty-surnamed girl only by his presence so that audience could enjoy spring burst of her many talents. Decently stylized yet still expressive cards, posters, and leaflets dedicated to Marian’s art have become beautiful addition to many projects. Sophisticated both musically (work of Mario Caldararu, Stefan Charisius, Mattias Schneider-Hollek, Irina Pyzhianova, etc.) and visually (director and camera – Angelina Frost) double CD “The Grass Harp” has become an undoubtful success in these two Artists’ collaboration. Angelina found right mood and decent colours for two music videos (“Kolechushko with Luiza Imangulova and “Young Wine” with Sergey Klevensky) that opened doors to musician’s creative world where music and rhythm live and where you only expect to see fellow thinkers. Once again, intensive work over another video parable is over. This time it is about the artist’s way, predetermined and chosen. In the centre of this music short film, there are Marian Caldararu and bright, queen-like Udmurtian singer Maria Korepanova knowing all about bearing unbearable lightness of being. Our storyteller in this is director and cinematographer Angelina Frost – girl with the inside gaze.
https://youtu.be/vVxl5nRuUug www. angelinafrost.ru

Author of the publication:

Evelina Evelina Killing-Biryukova Creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre