Solo project


Wind, wind is everywhere in the whole world. Is it a wind of changes? There is a feeling that our world get in the big collider and tries to resolve to the atoms and molecules which maintain sameness as a main fundamental of existence. Wind trumpets these lonely particles to the wide of space.

“Alone” means a process of resolving. Or is it a life-giving process? If the word “alone” / “Allein” in the German language will be broke down into components, we’ll get a profound archaic meaning – “All is One”. allein_1

New concept of solo program of Marian (Mario) Caldararu defined with this idea – “All is One”. This concept includes and creating constituent both panhuman characters. We are living in the world where it’s hard to be a personality among the people-dummies. It is a riskful experiment. He presents his dialog with the Universe to the audience Here and Now on the one hand very outright, on the other hand naked. This is a courageous move of strong men and talented musician.

Every track is a life philosophy of a dultartist. Marian Caldararu uses instruments full of the artist’s hands warmth to the dialog with the Universe. Rikk, doira, toba, daf, ceramic percussion are the handmade instruments in which the artist’s soul sings.

Enchanted soul wandered to the wide of macrocosm tries to meet with its incorporeity in place to hear heartbeat of the Universe. What can hear the empyreal drummer (Marian was called that by German tuba player Klaus Burger)? All of us try to hear the Universe rhythm, to join with it and to find a harmony where our heart will beat as one with the Earth’s heart. Sometimes it can be a lifelong process. Mario with his project resolved to show this way to the audience within hisventurous experiment. allein_2

He catches the moment “Here and Now” very harmonious. The loop-station catches the sounds of drums like birds, paints and makes them free to the wide of the macrocosm. And these sounds dance over the head of enchanted pilgrim who has not a staff but drumsticks in the hands. After this solemn performance lived a feeling of silence. It seems as if listener meets with his incorporeity. There is a feeling of flies whether you wake or sleep which possess us. And it seems that one more beat and Your heart will beat with the rhythm of all the Universe.

Wind, wind is everywhere in the whole world. The wind of the Universe blow to our face, one drumbeat and stardust flies to the eyes and now we can see the perspective clearer and lighter. Onetumbrelbeat…andwecan see clear how from resolved molecules and atoms arises a pattern of new life. One more beat and we can feel ourselves Alone – as a connection of Holy and Universal origin. This truth was exposed by the artist – Marian Caldararu. allein_3

Author of the publication:

Evelina Evelina Killing-Biryukova Creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre