The Earth of the Humanity: a new round

The Earth of the Humanity: a new round. Marta Larriba’s creative workshop “The sun also rises”. Marian (Mario) Caldararu’s creative workshop “Rhythms of the silence”.

Believe it or not but the “Earth of the Humanity” is still moving. We could come to the surprising conclusion: the less the financial backing is the more meaningful and more complicated the projects are. So much the more goals our moderns are establishing oneself. We have only first-magnitude artists. Sergey Starostin is a Guru of European ethnics. Zaza Miminoshvilli is a masterful guitar extemporizer, the «TheShin» bandleader. Raffaele Giovanoli is a magnificent ballet-mistress, student of Marika Bezobrazova, many years worked as a ballerina of Foresight ballet. Samual Guist is an empyreal dancer. Marta Larriba Adell is a passionate with a God-given talent flamenco dancer and Marian (Mario) Caldararu is a heaven-born percussionist both for lifestyle and mentality.

And of course Tatyana Sannikova, the director of the Perm House of Folk Arts “Guberniya” with her awesome, high-experienced collective. She is a wonderful woman with an austerity styling who makes sense of things and understands its quiddity.

Our Earth is moving. People ask about us, call us from throughout Russia and from across the globe. From Izhevsk and Madrid, from Ulyanovsk and Tbilisi, from Samara and Berlin. They ask about the key point: what moves the sun and luminaries – about the love art.

21 heart-stricken people went away and soon will be realized another new project together with a Teacher’s University. The famous and not easily translated into Russian language idea “Nachhaltigkeit” means long-term retention of the project’s long-term effects. It may be that with the advent of these young people begins a new era of excursions with a performative character. And now we condition them to the trip to Hamburg. But at first will be a visit of two magnificent stars from 10 to 14 November. We decided it will be great to meet them in Perm. Impetuous like a volcano Marta Larriba Adell (Spain) is a passionate, remarkable flamenco dancer. She acted in many performances, in theatrical and open-air productions at the famous world scenes. And Marian (Mario) Caldararu (Moldova) is a participant of many international projects.

Not long ago in “Perm-36” was finished a project of drama teacher, stage-director and wonderful person Margitta Woop (Berlin) who is our picture of all the best in the East Berlin. 21 participants, students and teachers from Classical and Teacher’s Universities cognized a practice of museum education science and tried to understand the idea of artifact empathy, learned to make sense of things and get this message across to scholars and students. Because exactly young people are the object of museum education science. It was enjoyable, unconventionally and held true for the historical truth.

He is an accomplished and subtle musician, a master of making musical instruments. She raptured playgoers at the scenes of France, Spain, and Russia. His music ways ran through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand. Marta came into contact with all groups her Perm learners at the drop of hat. In contrast with Marta Mario don’t like to speak about his school because he is very exacting both to himself and to his learners.

Marta Larriba can show very flamingly and expressive her dedication to the antique flamenco and Mario decided completely to change his concept in this year and focus on the beginners from Krasnokamsk and Perm. Marta’s students very trustily await her but Mario decided to create a new young group of twelve pupils from the school for acoustically challenged children. And together with percussionists from the performance group “Voronovo Krylo” and other Permian groups he will be as an accompanier, team-mate and anamchara in Marta’s project “The sun also rises”.

It seems us that in the process of project preparation is a spirit of Hemingway in the air. Elegancy of his neat, just telegraphic style without any prettyism is very congenial to both masters. It may be that the Great Hemingway could, like Mario, hear the rhythmus of the silence. And his love to Spain, Catalonia is a constant soul Fiesta. Because where are the artists …the sun also rises. We glad to invite you to our finality 14 November at 20.00 to the dancing-hall in Perm House of Folk Arts “Guberniya” (Sovetskoy Armii St, 4).

Author of the publication:

Evelina Evelina Killing-Biryukova Creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre