“Mario and Earth of Humanity”

Over 40.

Marian Caldararu Music School

As soon as men turn 30, they leave the Junior league. They enter the Premiere league, and start playing fair and square – faster, better, stronger. As soon as men turn 40, they confront their traditional mannish middle-age crisis. These strong representatives of humanity, in a possession of good professional, continental, universal scale experience, have to decide for themselves: what is done and what is to be done in this mortal world?

Marian Caldararu has crossed this Rubicon. Horizon of experience is behind him, including joint work with the best musicians of Russia – Sergei Starostin, Arcady Shilkloper, “Trigon” folk-jazz band. Dozens of musical performances are given all over the world, starting with Russia’s “near abroad” and ending with New Zealand. This new Rubicon is a sign for Mario that the two possible ways out are to march ahead or to march ahead at any price. It is exactly so, for there’s no way back. For he’s not alone anymore.  For there is School of Mario Caldararu, and his apprentices, lessons he gives to their young beating hearts and their strong hands.

The Earth of Humanity

The Earth of Humanity is a humanitarian project, embracing world celebrities’ workshops. It appeared to be the answer for a silent question of artistic Mario Caldararu – what else can I give to this world?

On the edge of wisdom in his 40ies, having generously shared his time, art, patience, tuneful ear of a rare kind, Mario has made a step forward to those he calls his apprentices. This is when the question of origin and purpose vanished in the series of lessons with children from cancer center; it fell into atoms when drumming together with teenage musicians. It melted from the beaming smiles of the audience.

Despite tense touring, Mario didn’t perform abroad for 6 years – instead he was managing his record studio and his drum-making studio. But there’s always a time for a breakthrough – and it came together with “The Earth of Humanity”, incorporating most able people from all over the world.

Mario spirals up in a new creative twist – international performances in Austria, Germany – Seoul and Geneva are coming up. Co-operating with German Goethe-Institut representative office in Moscow guaranteed that Mario and European ethno-musical culture will belong to each other from now on.

In this story, there’s no play of chance. «The Earth of Humanity» asked Mario to give a dare – and challenge was accepted, and first results were achieved.

School of master hand. On the way to self-determination the Master has found his Pupils and Pupils have acknowledged their Master. But pupil will also need a guidebook. Mario’s book describing his author’s creative method of teaching how to drum will appear soon to fulfill this need.

The first thing is to perfect yourself, your body, your muscles. Working on yourself and with yourself is what Mario teaches his pupils. His astonishing sense of rhythm, and his aspiration to awake sound in every subject were empathically caught up by the apprentices.  Mario’s youngest pupil is Polina, 11 years of age. Constantly checking how this world sounds, she drums on whatever comes to hand. This is just wonderful, for now she really hears the planet.

The sense of humor is something you can’t divide from Mario Caldararu’s talent. He is adored by dogs, by women, by children. For as one philosopher said, it is with irony that freedom begins. Mario Caldararu is a free artist – in the absolute sense of this notion.

Written by

Vera Kolkutina,

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences,

Perm State University lecturer, freelance journalist

DAAD scholarship holder (“Mikhail Lomonosov II”-program)