Mario and Klaus

“A Little Bit of Sunshine in Cold Water, or Waiting for a Miracle”

Universe is a home for everyone. This very idea has being imparted by musical traditions of all the nations. Man has never asked a question before what music or a song should be like to become popular and to be #1 on the music chart. Music was born in unity with nature and skill of performer.

And here we are in the foretaste of a new project, or more likely to say of a new act, sacred act. Vsevolodo-Vilva is a distant village on the map of Perm region. Concert on the water. Confluence of two elements: music and lake blueness. Absolute of color, absolute of sound.

Berezniki’s pit is a place where human has upset landscape harmony, but nature then covered the mutilated earth with cold mirror-like surface of water. It is now a place where water, earth and air help to hold down the fire, unleashed by the drums of Mario Caldararu and the tuba of Klaus Burger. This is a unique duo of two unique people. And you will have a chance to notice it…different countries, different instruments, but music has the power of bringing them together! Even in their appearance – long hair, naked trunks and overflowing talent.

Klaus Burger – his instruments are: Tuba, Trombone/Cimbasso, Didgeridoo, which sound absolutely unwonted for the ear.

Having heard it for the first time you will probably say:

-This is too extreme! Where is the usual sweet harmony?! And you dare to call it music?!

But this is music. Your challenge is only to listen and to find long forgotten feelings deep in your heart. All the rest is already done for you.

Klaus Burger has music to famous TV-channel Arte documentaries, theatrical music, radio shows music, concert music to his credit. And, for sure, he has all sorts of diplomas, i.e. wind instruments master course music degree with honors.

Soundman Andrey Goncharov adds up his art and professionalism to the team. Faint tones are heard without distortion and in spite of the distance only thanks to the microphones. Manual dexterity, flight of thought, ability to listen to the soundman and no magic at all. Absolute of mastery, absolute of rhythm, absolute of sound…and a little bit of sunshine in cold water.


Written by

Vera Kolkutina,

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences,

Perm State University lecturer, freelance journalist

DAAD scholarship holder (“Mikhail Lomonosov II”-program)