Drummer and Queen

The idea was born on the tide of good. Perm. International festival “Jazz-Fever”, charity action in the blood transfusion clinic. They weren’t thinking for long, packed quickly. They were the musicians from Sweden, Poland, Moldova and Germany.

The new born duo on the improvised stage. Mario Caldararu and phlegmatic Swedish percussionist Fredrik Gille. It seems his drum-playing expression lives apart from his usual self-reserved state.

She…asking no one, as it is customary with Queens, she gracefully comes out on the stage – Berlin jazz Goddess Pascal von Wroblewsky.

Voice. Voice can be different – high and low, rough and soft. Very often your inner voice talks to you. But this voice, redheaded woman voice, the one of Pascal von Wroblewsky, is always with you: it was, it is and it will be. You will recognize in it the voice of your passion, voice of heart melancholy, voice of struggle and spirit strength, voice of crazy amorousness and joy of life, voice of sadness. Pascal is easily recognized in the crowd: her eyes are always smiling. What awaits us? Unbearably light emotion of the voice will be lifted up on the light wings of rhythm by the drums of Mario Caldararu.

Red-haired jazz queen and swarthy drummer – loving couple. Couple loving music. Online, in the flow of enchanting music and harmony of male and female elements on the stage. In search of lost Platoon harmony, a rush to primeval basis.

Still we want to hear two musicians duo, for whom creation is more than music. For their listeners everything created by them will be Soul psychotherapy as well. Since in this pair one sees what modern person lacks – respect, admiration, acceptance, genuine moment joy. All this is in Mario’s music and Pascal’s voice – that’s why they come on stage for you, listener. And all mentioned above is meant only for you. Musician standing alone on the stage is like a fused bulb. But it turns into eternal energy when on the other side of the stage is you. Male and female beginnings duo will help you to withstand unbearable lightness of being.





Written by:

Vera Kolkutina, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences,

Perm State University lecturer, freelance journalist

DAAD scholarship holder (“Mikhail Lomonosov II”-program)