Mario and Shilkloper

Shilkloper or a Complete Form of Universe

Very often things in our life depend on the first meeting. The first impression, the first experience, the first look, the first talk. It is a symphony of feelings and emotions named “The first”. All those “first” things are very important when you start new turn of your life and begin to hover freely. And just the phase of free hovering is Creation at all.

From the moment when your first Teacher, partner or Guru being a significant person of the universe takes you for equal one because he sees your divine spark your further journey in the world of sounds became smooth, independent and steady. You are not conscious about contempt of the ranks, common woes and colleagues’ envy. Nothing will change flight path purposed to summit of master.

Good-bye, Chisinau. Marian Caldararu had luck: having a reference letter from the famous musician and the friends from the “Trigon” company he appeared before the world-known musician Arkady Shilkloper in 1997.

Shilkloper plays French horn, Alpine horn, flugelhorn and other wind-instruments masterly. That fact is incontestable and even musical skeptics don’t dare to call it down. Having an experience of the Moscow Military School of Music, the Bolshoy Theatre orchestra under his belt, learning at the Moscow State Philharmonic where he discovered and comprehended mathematical rigor of tone row he became a king of improvisation.

A maestro with excellent academic education engaged the young musician Marian Caldararu without any conditions, without aplomb of a big city and exceptions. He didn’t worry about level of musical accomplishment. He was interested only in gift as an entity presented by God, by the Universe, by Life (underline as appropriate according to confessional and ideological belonging).

Without any lections (because learning was conceived as something self-evident) he invited Mario to take part in his projects with Igor Ivanushkin (contrabass), John Saz (tuba), Arkady Kiritchenko (tuba, vocal), Lev Slepner (composer, marimbaphone player and father of the group “Marimba”) and Mikhail Mitropolsky (jazz observer, radio and TV presenter).

All the projects where Mario worked were not the long-term ones. Intuitively Shilkloper felt that most of all the young musician stroke to absolute freedom of creation is based on the absolute freedom of choice.

Believing in Mario’s talent he introduced the young musician to the enthusiast of Russian authentic folklore Sergey Starostin (vocal, clarinet, ethnic instruments), with whom except for Shilkloper Mikhail Alperin – Russian, Norwegian and Moldavian jazz pianist and composer – worked at that time in the project “Moscow Art Trio”. But thanks to Shilkloper’s good graces meeting with Sergey Starostin turned into the long-living brilliant collaboration of two musicians (Mario and Starostin) in such projects as “As Easy as ABC” (“Proshe Prosotogo”) and “Once Upon a Time…” (“Zhili-Bili…”) (Starostin, Klevensky, T. and O. Krasnopevtsevs, Mario).

What is an atmosphere of a creative union based on? It may be leader’s dictatorship, clear hierarchy, straight following a caste idea. And all of them may became conditions for creation fine and often absolutely perfect concert melody. But a situation of absolute internal freedom of the Artists who feel them to be original units of the Universe is possible too. This way may lead to a cacophony of spontaneous hymns (according to Igor Severyanin) or to the Harmony of universal chaos (which was the reason of beginnings of Life according to the ancient Greek mythology). It is possible only when a musician hears a partner who sits next to him, catches nuances and his messages. For Mario it was the most important thing in all the projects with Shilkloper. It is just the thing that Mario lacks in other partners after Arkady left to Germany. Thread of partnership was cut but a flight path set by the Maestro was not forgotten: the Absolute of rhythm, the Absolute of sound.

Written by:


Evelina Killing-Biryukova

Creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre