Mario and Starostin

Depth of simplicity.

Mystery of simplicity and laconism. We long for comprehending it. And it seems when we understand it completely we would formulate basic principles of creating a brilliant masterpiece.

“Black square” by Malevich is a cosmic hole of the Universe, a pot of black paint and great recognition of the Universe essence lying in a fact that we come from shadow of darkness to come to it then. And then the views of gifted dilettantes came: – “Red square” and “Glass square”. They are thought juggling and such a try to sew a ruche to an ascetic simplicity of a little Chanel dress. But all is simple. It needn’t any extras; it is like a stroke of the Picasso’s pen as a dove of peace flying away. And nobody can repeat it in spite of the sense that the truth is out there. But how can we find the accuracy of lines, right color and harmony of sounds? Ведь всё проще простого. But it is as easy as ABC.

A duet “As easy as ABC” (“Proshe Prostogo”) is a partnership of two equal musicians. The duet is combination of a voice of Sergey Starostin and wind instruments and ethnic percussion of Marian Caldararu. And this combination excites cosmic sense of primary culture close to universal basic memory of generation.


At the meeting of Sergey Starostin and Marian Caldararu they run through their own artistic lives.

Sergey was a singer, student of folklore, expert and collector of traditional instruments, composer and arranger nominated for the award “Alchemy of music” as an ethnic musician of 2008. He wrote music for films. He was an anchorperson of the TV program “The world village” on the “Russia” channel. His projects with the eminent Armenian duduk player Djivan Gasparyan and the Norwegian singer Marie Boyta are known to everybody. By that time he had took part in the projects with “Moscow Art Trio”, “Volkov-Trio”, Tuva group “Huun-Huur-Tu” and Bulgarian chorus “Angelite”, he performed in a group of Inna Zhelannaya.

By that time Marian Caldararu took part in many projects, he played with Stepanida Borisova, “The strawberry glade”, a trio “YARGA”, “Drobinska”, “Shi-Mkhor”, “Rock-o-ko”, “and Dyadky”. And he traveled all over the world being a member of the Moldavian ethnic-jazz company “Trigon”.


At first sight their alliance formed spontaneously. They met thanks to Arkady Shilkloper who performed in another project. And after several hours of rehearsal they went to a scene of the Centre of culture “House” and performed ten filigree compositions.

The historical concert of 2003 is listened to in a burst of inspiration. It is like a necklace of playing pearls. An audience feels involvement in miracle existing on the stage. And at the same moment there is a feeling that it is impossible to grasp simplicity of human happiness that is unattainable.

The level of musicians is so high when they play “Deeply” that at an unbelievable height of their sound combinations and texts a full-hearted listener stops breathing. But then he feels the universal hole of the Universe and vacuous awareness of life finiteness and infinity of reality comes with the last sound.

Then “The fair” was. It was a pearl of carnival culture, a ritual and entertainment festival of folk culture. It corresponded to Mikhail Bakhtin nearly. A subject of the festival was merry time run, historic sense of live called “The Great Chain of Life” during the Renaissance. The subject was the joy of life here and now.

“Now” means against, besides and little by little, in humane and human community. And when a listener breathes out during the fair orgy of joy, when he condemns galactic exorbitant of awareness of “Deeply” senses to oblivion “Catharsis” sounds in a clean light near-empty atmosphere of the audience: “But lived to live. But lived thinner thread… I dread”.

Listening to the disk of 2003 which was rerecorded and produced in 2009 by the sound-recording studio “Sкetis Musik” you began understanding that an absolute naturalness of meeting of two mature Artists was visible through apparent fortuity. Predetermination of their first concert was noticeable even in a fact that Andrey Goncharov was a sound control supervisor. Being a brilliant musician (trumpet, flugelhorn) succeeded in hearing a great simplicity of what was going on and he could record it so that we hardly believed that it was a studio recording. It is such a regularity of fortuities.

It is a black square of a scene. And there are two brilliant Musicians solved a riddle of simplicity of great and greatness of simple things. They know the things that we cannot understand in pour lives. They know that there is the only way to knock on Heaven’s door. You can do it only if you take truth that joy of Life and Love is the most important thing. After all it is easy as ABC.

Written by:


Evelina Killing-Biryukova

creative director of the eArt GROUP producing centre